The Widows Quiz

RuthAt times a teacher may need an exercise to help students start to think before presenting the lesson. A substitute teacher may need a lesson or idea, or if the curriculum materials don't arrive on time, there may be a need for alternatives. Youth groups often enjoy lessons and quizzes that encourage thinking and discussion.

Some materials are posted on the Children’s blog on this site.

Today’s post is a Widows Quiz. Click on the image to open the Pdf file. The answers are on page 2. Feel free to print or revise as you wish.

Most churches have widows in their congregations. The quiz helps young people think about them and develop concern for them. There can be discussion on how widows today may be different from those of previous centuries, or if not, why.

This exercise is for advanced Bible students. If you use it with less knowledgeable students, you can give hints such as giving the Scripture reference of the verse, or if using this quiz for an entire class period, have students read each Bible verse aloud. Then, when asked to fill in the answers, they will simply need to think of what they just read and call on their short-term memory. Prayer for the church’s widows can be an ending for the exercise.

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