Acting out parables, part one

coinsChildren love to play games, and letting them play in Sunday School increases their enjoyment of church.

A good way to start out a kindergarten class, if your classroom or church hall permits, is "Hide and Seek" for pennies or other coins. Arrive early and hide as many coins as you think appropriate for the class size and their ability to search. Open the class with prayer, and then tell the story of the woman who lost a coin. They will later act out the parable of Luke 15:8-10.

You could say something like: Even though she had nine other coins, she wanted to find the one she lost. So, she lit a candle (explain there were no light bulbs in those times) and got a broom to sweep her floor, as she carefully looked for the lost coin. She found it!

Then explain that— Jesus taught that God is like that woman. He and his angels in heaven rejoice when a lost soul repents.

Explain what a lost soul is, for example,
He or she is a sinner; a person like you and me who does mean and bad things but does not even care... But when that child or adult feels sorry for their bad behavior and prays to tell God they are sorry, then God is glad.

You and I are like the coins that belonged to the woman. We are God's shining treasure, but when we act bad (ask for examples, or offer some), then we have hidden ourselves from him. Can he still see us when we are bad? Well, yes, because he is not like a human being who must search for something that is hidden. God can see EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, but this Bible story is to help us understand that God wants to have us close to him. He wants each of his shiny treasures in his hand, and that is a very safe place to be. But we are in the shadows, lost and cold in our hearts, if we don't care about obeying God.

Then, ask what are some of God's rules that we must obey.

Next, tell the class there are many coins hidden in the room, and they must find them. You may need to keep written notes on where you hid the coins. After all are collected, the one who found the most wins a prize.

At this time in the class you may want to have a snack or song, and do some coloring. Each church and class is different, but if you have time you can play a second game, and if not, the winner of the coin game can lead the class in saying memory verses or be first to get the snack. Sometimes a good prize is allowing the winner to hide the coins in another game.

This game can be enjoyed by younger than kindergarten age, and it is always popular.

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