Lions Like Daniel

lionWith Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman and so many others who show off their super human powers, a child can become apathetic about miracles in the Bible. Yet, the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den cannot help but impress and encourage a child who must endure bullies, overbearing siblings and even some less than stellar teachers and relatives.

Daniel 6 is one of the great chapters of the Bible. What adult has ever forgotten it once it became part of their literary background?

Click on the image for a .pdf with the chapter divided into narrations and parts so that everyone in the class will have a role to play in the drama. A quiz is included to test students' recall of the action. Another activity might be to have students look up passages that encourage Christians on how and when to pray. Daniel prayed three times a day. How often should we? (Luk 18:1; Luk 21:36; Rom 12:12; Eph 6:18; Col 4:2; 1 Thess 5:17; 1Pe 4:7)

Attention Readers

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